Aimrec is our premiere Indian Classical Music label. It provides a solid library of some of the best artists in the genre. Listen through all the different ragas and talas represented across the albums to enhance your understanding and general knowledge.


Sangeetpedia is the first multimedia encyclopedia of Indian music. It is a revolutionary product with the aim of educating and introducing Indian music in an academic light. Sangeetpedia features the biographies of over 250+ lumenaries and pioneers of Indian music.

It has many archival recordings of many of the top musicians from 1900 onwards. We have also used some of the most talented musicians in India of the present generations to define and demonstrate many of the terms of Indian music. 

The music of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan is so diverse and culturally flavored we have done our best to keep it true to form. Students of Indian music, as well as those who have never heard Indian music can enjoy and educate themselves of the many different features of Indian music.

Instrument Repair

Vinnay Ramsamooj specializes in repair and services for harmonium, sitar, and tabla. He has years of experience and takes care of the needs of many students of AIMFA and others. Call or email him directly for an estimate at 443.569.9203 or