Competition Rules

[6]Any indication of off stage guidance will result in instant disqualification of the competitor.
[1] Entry Fee per category: $35 (Non-Refundable) through October 31st.
Late registration fee per category: $50 (Non-Refundable) from November 1st - November 5th.

The last day to register is November 5th. **If we reach capacity before the deadline, you will be added to a waiting list and we will only accept participants from the waitlist on a first come first serve basis depending on whether we have any dropouts.** Please register early to ensure your registration goes through!

For Duets, both participants need their own individual participant pass.
For Dance groups, only one participant pass is required for the group, but please provide the names of all participants in the group.

General Admission for the three days of competition is $20. After the registration period closes, you can only buy General Admission tickets at the door.
[2] Category Time Limits: 6 minutes for all categories. Instrument tuning is expected to be done offstage so there is minimal disruption to the schedule. After 30 seconds, we will signal to start the performance and begin the 6 minute clock.
[3] Going over the time limits will incur a 10 point penalty from the overall score of the participants.
[4] Accompaniment: You are required to arrange for your own accompaniment (if needed) whether it is via an electronic taalmala or live person. Accompanists are required to have a general admission pass (unless they have their own participant pass). Please coordinate with your accompanist to be on time for your category so you do not incur a time penalty for lateness. If you request us to help place you with a live accompanist, we recommend you arrive at the venue as early as possible to meet and potentially practice once with them. Please understand that it may not always be possible to practice beforehand as our accompanists are in high demand between our multiple stages. AIMFA tablas on stage are for AIMFA staff use only. These tablas are not to be traded between stages/rooms. If you are bringing your own tabla accompaniment, they must use their own instruments.
[5] Judges' decisions are FINAL and cannot be APPEALED.
[7] Prizes for groups with 10 or more will be as follows otherwise only trophies and certificates will be provided.
********[1st Prize: $150.00********[2nd Prize: $100.0*0] ********[3rd Prize: $50.00]********
[8] Age Groups: [1] 12 & Under [2] 13 to 20 [3] 21 and over.
Please email us and select the checkbox in the registration form if Participant is under 7 years old.
[9] There is a limit of 3 Categories for participants under 21 years old and a limit of 2 Categories for participants over the age of 21. This limit includes the duet category. A participant (of any age) may only be entered in one duet with one partner.
[10] The Performance category is a non-competitive category, any person may enter in this category once and can perform any discipline listed in the categories of the competition. This is strictly a showcase in the competition for those who want to display their talents. Participation is first-come first-serve, only 10 participants will be taken. An audition tape maybe requested.
[11] The Academy may cancel any category when there is not enough participants entered. You will be notified and entry fees for that category will be returned.
[12] Dances of India can consist of Folk, Regional, Bollywood Film, Solo or Group. Please bring your music tracks on a USB drive to the hall. It is your responsibility to have the tracks playble from a USB drive at the hall. We cannot guarentee the performance of any internet connections at the venue. If we do not have your music at the start of the category, a time penalty will be incurred.
[13] DEADLINE: ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY MONDAY November 5, 2018 If we reach full capacity before the deadline, we will start adding people to a waitlist. We will only accept participants from the waitlist on a first come first serve basis depending on whether we have any dropouts. Please do not wait to register if you are interested.
[14] If you do not receive a receipt for your participant pass, you have not finished the registration process!
[15] Please email us with any questions:
[16] Entry forms can be submitted online or downloaded and mailed to us.
[17] The order of participants is randomized and posted in the venue at the start of the competition. Changes to that order will only be made if a competitior is scheduled to be on both stages at the same time and are at the discretion of AIMFA staff.

Competition Prizes